World Canine
Dog Training

Christopher Murley founded World Canine with one goal: Provide dog owners with the help, answers, and results they desperately needed, along with the care, compassion, and understanding they deserve.

Chris has worked diligently to implement a program that offers the very best answers and solutions to even the most challenging K9 issues, which has enabled him to regularly perform "miracles" with dogs that other trainers have given up on, or are unwilling to work with.

Our mission and our commitment is to create amazingly balanced, well behaved dogs, and happy, satisfied owners.

The Training Method

The training method we use today, has changed greatly from the original standard which came from the military's old school philosophy of "yank and crank".  The thought process in the Military has been, "be hard on the dog and they'll comply.  And get harder until you get what your looking for".  The initial problem with that is, you end up with a dog that works for you but, only out of fear of you.  The bigger problem is that, the lack of trust between dog and handler more often than not causes fear and aggression for anyone else.  The last problem is that, if a dog is just too shy or insecure, the method doesn't work at all.

Out of love and compassion for the dogs and a dislike for such a rough hit or miss training method, a new one was created.  One that teaches a dog to want to connect with its handler of its own choice.  A training method that teaches all dogs that, their handler is safe.  Which, in turn promotes more confidence, respect, and love.  And it works on all dogs regardless of breed, size, age, or temperament.

Aside from being taught to be a confident, firm but fair leader, I learned many things about dog to dog behavior.  How they use their mouth on each other.  Where they use their mouth.  And why they use their mouth and or their nose.  I learned how to take advantage of this natural born instinct they have and pass it onto others.

This training method of teaching our dogs to want to connect with us, is our foundation for teaching all other things.  When it's a dogs own choice to "work" for its handler, it makes the training much more effective, easy, and long lasting. 

Not many people train dogs the way we do.  It's a more difficult training method to learn and few are the ones able to master it.  People have tried to learn this exact method and have taken up clicker/treat training instead or fallen back to their old habits/training regimens.  There is a lot of skill and talent in being able to train in this style and there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all training plan.  You cant advance a dog to the next level if they're not fully comfortable with the level they're at.  If you do, you chance undoing the work already done, starting back at zero.  So these trainers that can't master this style, more often than not resort to bribing a dog to work for them with food and stress rather than free will and a desire to please.  The connection your dog gets for you using our method will last forever.