World Canine
Dog Training
Basic Puppy


4 Sessions_1 hr a Week

For pups 8-16 weeks

This course has been created to build confidence in your young pup as well as leadership and control.  It equips you with the fundamental knowledge to help get you and your pup through early development stages properly and effectively.  This helps avoid potential problems that tend to come with maturity.  We find that many problems with adult dogs can be avoided when training is started early.  Among the most important of things to learn, is an introduction to achieving the recall.


By guiding you with the proper tools to establish leadership in your own home, your dog or dogs will begin to flourish and their quality of life will improve!

The five fundamental commands taught in basic obedience will establish a line of communication between you and your dog.  This creates a better connection between dog and handler as well as, a foundation on which all advanced training is based on.

Our programs will provide you with the tools to not only get the most out of your dog enrolled in our program, but also may be applied to any dogs you may acquire in the future.  The program will only last as long as it takes for your dog to reach their goals, but the skills you will learn will last a lifetime.

Advanced Puppy

$625 plus lead and collar

6 Sessions_1 hr a Week

For pups 3-5 months

In addition to the Basic Puppy Training.......We further teach leadership through the walk.  Most pups are born to follow but without proper guidance from their human, they don't know how and why to follow.  We accomplish this through proper leash handling skills and a lot of energy and motivation to keep it as fun as possible for our dog to walk with us instead of ahead or behind us.  They will also get an introduction into formal on leash obedience.

Behavior Modification

$625 plus lead and collar

6 Sessions_1 hr a Week

For dogs all ages

Behavior modification is for any problematic dog.  Regardless of size, breed, and age, they can all be taught.  Most people think this course is reserved only for the aggressive dogs but it applies to the trouble maker, uncooperative dog as well.  Being that every dog situation is different, it is recommended that you fill out our evaluation form and note the specific problem you are looking to correct.  Please keep in mind that these problems weren't created overnight, and more than likely will not be corrected overnight.  Every dog and case presents itself differently and may take more than one session.  There is no magic to our training, however, done properly, with hard work and dedication, we have yet to come across a problem we can't fix.

On Leash Obedience

$625 plus lead and collar

6 Sessions_1 hr a Week

This is considered basic obedience, where you and your dog learn to work together as a team.  We focus on basic heeling as well as the sit, down, stay and recall.  Everything you do, your dog feels and reacts to.  So it's important you get it right!  Often times we speak one thing but our dogs will always go with what they "feel" from us physically over what they "hear" from us.  This being the case, you get just as much, if not more training, than what your dog gets.  It is important for us to learn how to clearly express to our dogs what we want.  Without this ability, we end up frustrated with our dog over what's ultimately our mistake.  We teach you how to recognize when this is the case so you can avoid it.  This is the second most important building block to all our more advanced training such as off leash and bite work.

Need More??

Off leash training, tracking, protection work, or training in your home, we have you covered!  When filling out the evaluation form, please let us know exactly what your looking to accomplish with your dog.  Our training programs are all custom tailored to each individual dog based on what your wants are, and what your dogs needs are to get there.  If what you want can't be done due to your dogs breed or temperament, we will let you know that before wasting your time and money.

$65 In House Evaluations